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Community wiki

A new wiki has been started for everything SONA.

The main reason we have started this wiki is to help new players and teach them how to play the game.

The wiki is also suitable for all sorts of generic information about the community, like important events.

You can reach the wiki by going to

Those who contribute to the wiki in sufficient quantity, quality and accuracy will be rewarded properly. But contact Jeroen to get the rewards.


It has been a while since these posts, I should really make update posts more often.

So the infection system has been replaced with a Virology system.

A virus doesn’t suddenly appear upon contact ingame, but they have a chance of appearing dormant when a player spawns.

There are several types of pathogens, those that spread via blood, contact, and airborne.
The fun spreading method in my opinion is airborne, since you only have to stand close to someone to be able to get an airborne virus.

2.5.1 has been released on the first day of Christmas.

Now shut up.

  • The STD damage has been reworked.
  • Whenever you get a headshot with the Sniper Rifle you’ll do 99.95 damage, so no single shot kills anymore.
  • The sawn-offs have been slightly nerfed, but they are still OP.
  • A bug has been fixed regarding admins not able to kill faction members.
  • Multiple typos have been fixed.
  • Multiple small bugs have been fixed.
  • Some other things that I forgot about or think that isn’t noteworthy, a bored dev can update this list if he wants or isn’t busy.

Forum work (the difficult part)

So yesterday I decided to update the forum after I read that there is a new version available.


Me sometimes roaming around looking for news *cough* hours per day *cough* I already heard that there was a much better version coming with much easier mod (now called extensions) integration.

I instantly made a backup of the forum and database and redirected everyone to a temporary page indicating that the forum was under maintenance.


I pulled it off, all mods are gone because they are all incompatible but it was worth it.

I did install an extension and it works so much nicer than the previous method of installing mods.

Also forgot to add that Admins have been given a few little secret treats.