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2.5.1 has been released on the first day of Christmas.

Now shut up.

  • The STD damage has been reworked.
  • Whenever you get a headshot with the Sniper Rifle you’ll do 99.95 damage, so no single shot kills anymore.
  • The sawn-offs have been slightly nerfed, but they are still OP.
  • A bug has been fixed regarding admins not able to kill faction members.
  • Multiple typos have been fixed.
  • Multiple small bugs have been fixed.
  • Some other things that I forgot about or think that isn’t noteworthy, a bored dev can update this list if he wants or isn’t busy.

Forum work (the difficult part)

So yesterday I decided to update the forum after I read that there is a new version available.


Me sometimes roaming around looking for news *cough* hours per day *cough* I already heard that there was a much better version coming with much easier mod (now called extensions) integration.

I instantly made a backup of the forum and database and redirected everyone to a temporary page indicating that the forum was under maintenance.


I pulled it off, all mods are gone because they are all incompatible but it was worth it.

I did install an extension and it works so much nicer than the previous method of installing mods.

Also forgot to add that Admins have been given a few little secret treats.

My photoshop journey


This is how my Photoshop journey has progressed so far. It has been approximately a month since I began the journey and I must say, I have quite improved. My first photo I worked on was from Assassin’s creed and my latest photo also features Ezio. I saw quite a difference, can you see any differences?