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1.2 ‘Pigeon’ released

1.2 ‘Pigeon’ is released today and can be found on the main server. The main features include a new faction, a cuff system, an event system (I needed this very much), a very basic GPS and weather system, some critical bug fixes and a Donut shop 🙂

The changelog can be found here: https://sona-gaming.com/public/1.2.txt

The new faction name is ‘Faction X’. Empire and I are going to lead it. We aren’t an official member of any faction so we don’t have to wait for two weeks (in your face!). For those of you who want to not wait for 2 weeks to apply for the faction (and wait 1 week), we have you covered there! If you, after applying for the faction, PM the me with this code “SniperReborn”, you’ll get one week off your wait time. REMEMBER, PM ME, don’t put it on your apply. This code works for 2 weeks as of today and for 10 players only. If you use this code or promote it to others or were found promoting it, you’ll be punished with being blacklisted from the faction.

Beta testing phase 1 complete

The beta test went successful without a problem. The testers involved were Yoy, Empire, CJ, Spank, Jessica, Danver (I think I missed someone?). The bugs were fixed.

Some additional features will be added today and tomorrow. The final test (I hope) is tomorrow 17.00 GMT 00. Be there at the IRC on time to be able to help us beta test.

About the new faction, let me remind you again. If you’re interested in joining the faction, start leaving your factions as of now.

1.2 is ready to be served

As you might’ve figured out from the topic on #sona.dev, 1.2 is ready to be served. It contains some new cool, unique features. It, is promised, also contains a new faction, a new civil faction. Further information about this mode will only go to the beta testing team. The beta testing team aren’t a group of specified individuals but a group of individuals who are available at the time of the beta test on #sona or on #sona.dev. In other words, please stay active on either of these two channels to be requested to help beta test. We only request trusted players on this issue. Expect the mode in some days, or a week. There, I expect, should be a lot of bugs in this release (beta test version) because everything went so smoothly and things never go smooth when they work, for me.

I’ll also take the time to tell the players who are interested in joining the new faction to leave their factions as of now to not have to wait for 2 weeks when the mode is released.

tl;dr? Here’s the summary, new version releasing, if you’re interested in beta testing, be active on #sona or #sona.dev.