Board rules

These rules are disclosed to clarify the various responsibilities of all community members here on They shall be adhered to by everyone to ensure that our board runs smoothly and provides a fun and productive experience for all of our community members and visitors.

  1. Forum rules

    1. Spamming

      1. Spamming is disallowed. #
      2. Spam

        1. One-word replies. #
        2. Quoting without any of your own writing. #
        3. Double posts. #
        4. Voting through the comments even if there is a poll. #
        5. Necroposting, submitting in a topic with no reply in over 6 months is considered spam. #
        6. Advertising a commercial product without approval of the Community Owner. #
    2. Insults are tolorable depending on their situation and severity, refer to rule 2.m.i., 2.m.ii., 2.m.iii., 2.m.iv.,2.m.v.. #
    3. Discussions about politics, race or religions are allowed as long as kept in a friendly environment/discussion. The slightest notice of such topics turning into an arguement/fight or even flamewar; the topic will be locked and rulebreakers will be punished accordingly. #
    4. Posting something not related to the topic, thus derailing it, is disallowed. #
    5. Forbidden content

      1. Linking forbidden content such as pornography, warez, copyrighted material without permission, torrents, advertisements are disallowed. #
      2. Torrents/warez

        1. Posting Torrents/Warez or linking Torrents/Warez is highly disallowed on this forum and WILL give you atleast a 5 day ban, get your post removed or possibly account suspended forever if you keep on violating this, there is no exception of a torrent, even if it is legal (like car mods) or chain-linked or even if it is a tutorial like a "How to get". #
    6. You may not link to an Image Hosting Service with popup(s) or more than 1 advertisement. #
    7. Posting something that breaks one or more laws where the SONA Services or Community Owner is located may be erased. #
    8. Language rules

      1. All the posts on the forum must be written in British English or Standaardnederlands, using any other language and you will receive a warning, your message will be deleted and ignored or locked and prevented editing by you and auto-translated using #
      2. All your post must have the correct capitalization and the correct punctuation, if you fail at this you may get a notice by a mod/admin or get a forum warning if you keep offending it. #
      3. Your language must be understood by everyone, if some people can not understand what you write they may report you straight away using the report widget, the punishment you can get is a PM by an Admin that you need to change it.
        The other punishment you may get is that it can be removed (like if you did it on purpose). #
      4. You are not allowed to censor yourself but yet type the censored text, an example is "#$@!%^#@", "******", "n-word" or whatever shape it takes, if you do it you are a cunt. #
    9. Discrimination is not allowed. #
    10. Do not ask to get unbanned from the server via PM, you can't get unbanned this way or you will get banned on the forum as well. #
    11. Do not have over-sized signatures. An ideal size would be any width between 0px and 700px, and any height between 0px and 150px. #
    12. Please create descriptive topic subjects, so people understand what the topic is about before clicking on it. #
    13. Refer to rule 2.w.. #
    14. Obey these additional generic forum rules, they are lighter enforced than most rules but they are still enforced. #
    15. Admins reserve the right to alter these rules at any time. Any changes will be taken into effect immediately. #
  2. Cops 'n' Robbers rules

    1. Deathmatching is disallowed. #
    2. Self defense when being deathmatched is not allowed, report instead. #
    3. Spamming is disallowed. #
    4. At all times, follow the 'administrator's / moderator's' instructions, and do not reveal their identities. #
    5. Usage of a tool or modification that alters the game's performance and gives you an advantage over the other players is considered cheating. #
    6. Advertising is disallowed. #
    7. Any misuse of a bug you find is forbidden, please report it in the Bug Reports section instead or PM developers if it is a sensitive issue. #
    8. Do not use any other method of reporting a rule violator than the /report command. #
    9. Improper use of server commands is disallowed. (Examples are; spamming /report, exploiting bugs found through commands- read rule 7 or using commands for a different purpose than they were created for) #
    10. Car parking players is disallowed. #
    11. If you got denied / kicked from any faction you have to wait for two weeks before applying for another. #
    12. You need to stay in a faction for more than 2 weeks before you can change it, else you will be blacklisted from the other 2 factions permanently. #
    13. Insults

      1. Insults are tolorable depending on their situation and severity. #
      2. Insults/Foul language that can do virtually no harm to involved/surrounding parties and/or are often used in a jokingly manner can be enforced with a verbal warning if taken too far out of proportions. #
      3. Insults/Foul language that can offend anyone to a certain extend. Such as "piece of shit" "asshole" "retard" "motherfucker" and so forth are not to be tolorated at all times. #
      4. Insults/Foul language that can offend a certain group of people to a certain extend. (racism or discrimination) insults such as nigger, faggot, and so forth are classed as racism and/or discrimination and will therefor not be tolorated at all times. if it's clear that faggot is used in a non homophobic manner this will be counted as a light insult. If this word is used for insulting a gay/lesbian/bisexual or transsexual person it will be classed as discrimination, and therefor rule 13.c will go in effect. (Faggot is the ONE and ONLY exeption to this rule) #
      5. Offensive language, (get the fuck out, fuck off, shut the fuck up, fuck you etc) are not condired as insults, but rather concidered as offensive language, this should be kept to a bare minimum and enforced with a verbal warning, an official warning if the rule in question persists to be broken by the same offender. #
    14. The use of AutoHotKey or any Keybind program to gain an advantage is forbidden. #
    15. G-abuse (getting in an inoccupied vehicle as passenger to participate in a shootout) is forbidden. #
    16. Tazer spam is not allowed, this doesn't include tazing twice or thrice because cuffing failed. ( Spam tazing is keeping the player at the same spot on purpose without the intention to ticket/suspect/cuff/arrest the player or to just annoy player in question.) #
    17. If there is a wanted person in a vehicle and there are innocent civilians or cops in the same vehicle, you are allowed to shoot the vehicle. You can't shoot the vehicle if a cop or innocent civilian is tied up in it (/kidnap) or if there is a cop driving and heading to a /dropoff point. #
    18. Score farming (going to a remote location where the cops can't come easily or can't come at all, and repeatedly robbing each other to gain score) is forbidden. #
    19. When someone placed a hit on a player, you are not allowed to kill the player and share the cash with the player you just killed. #
    20. Camping the hospital, Supa Save, Ammu-nation, repair shops, the bank, spawnpoints is forbidden.
      This includes being a civilian and raping someone when entering or existing in these facilities or being a suspect and raping and/or killing a cop/hitman/civilian existing or entering these facilities.
      You are not allowed to use these areas to avoid getting robbed or raped, fleeing to these areas you must interact with the area's options (purchase armour, purchase a lottery ticket, healing up, repairing your vehicle, depositing money, etc...), just staying there to be protected is not tolerated. And whenever you stay in these areas while under protection, it only lasts two minutes until you can be robbed or raped, enough time to interact with anything in the area.
      Exeption to this rule is if a player engages in a shootout with you and said player flees to one of the safe zones. Then you are free to attack said player within the safe zones' boundaries. #
    21. Arrest stealing is forbidden. When a law enforcement officer is chasing a suspect on their own and gets the suspect cuffed, you are not allowed to steal the arrest from that person. #
    22. Killing a suspect that has been cuffed by another law enforcement officer without their consent. #
    23. Admin slander. Publicly shaming, defaming, or slandering an Admin without supporting your claims.
      An Admin can warn you for defaming, but if you report him to a higher admin and there is valid proof of whatever rule the Admin broke, the Admin may be punished heavier and the warning will be reversed. #
    24. Evading

      1. Leaving the server while onfoot and wanted while a cop is less than 10 meters away and chasing you on foot. #
      2. Leaving the server while wanted and while a cop is shooting at you. #
      3. Leaving the server while cuffed, with wanted level 4+ (arrestable). #
      4. Leaving the server while frozen by an Administrator. #
      5. Leaving the server after raping, kidnapping or robbing to prevent repercussions. #
      6. Leaving the server within a minute of receiving a bounty on your head. #
      7. Leaving the server while you have a hit or are a maniac (60+ wanted level) and a hitman is visibly chasing after you and within 25 meters of your character. #
      8. Leaving the server while you have a hit or are a maniac (60+ wanted level) and a hitman is shooting at you. #
      9. Purposefully fleeing to an area that a cop can not reach (i.e. Faction X base) or an area that is an easter egg and can not be reached without inside knowledge. #