New small yet effective update, 2.1 Hummingbird

2.1 released today and you can test it in-game. This includes lots of bug updates and one main new feature. HOUSES!

Yes, houses were there in the previous version but bugged. There also is a /housemenu command to manage your house. This feature took me 3 days of script. 12 hours of 3 days of scripting. So it’s pretty epic. Houses have been set up in some parts of SF and if you have some special house in mind, tell me in-game and I’ll set it up for ya!

Just one of the many features of the new version

Version 2.0 ‘Hummingbird’ apart from having some great features now features a new and updated anti-cheat. We have a better cash hacks detection, a better jetpack hacks detection and a better weapon hacks detection. I am also working on the new types of hacks detection, although, that means I’d have to get a hacking tool.

Upcoming version ‘Hummingbird’ first script tested

Danver, Jeroen, L3O, Simm, Spank and I tested the new version ‘Hummingbird’ today. The script went good with the regular testing and bugs found. This was just the beginning to a new version. More scripting to be done tomorrow which means more testing tomorrow. In case you’re interested to test and help with beta testing, connect to the IRC and join In case you don’t know what to do, ask Iota for help. We mostly test new versions from 1500 hours to 1830 hours GMT 0.00. Those who help us improve and test the server are rewarded handsomely. The details on the new version will come as soon as I find it stable enough.  This means that it will take a while or even more, therefore, we would kindly ask you to be patient. If anyone bothers any of the above mentioned players about giving them info on the new features of the upcoming version, they will be punished severely.

I would also like to thank you all for being patient and believing in us. Thank you to anyone who has suggested anything. Each and every suggestion was taken into account and only the best were chosen. There also were some dumb ideas, but if dumb ideas wouldn’t exist, SA-MP wouldn’t have had been half as fun as it is today.

I would also like to thanks the admins who helped us test things.

Also forgot to add that Admins have been given a few little secret treats.

Recent downtime

The recent downtime was a result of a DDoS attack on the main server. We tried our best to solve it but couldn’t. We tried hosting a temporary server but all in vain. We, although, have found a way around for it, that is moving the server to another location which has helped get back the server online. This means the IP of the server has changed as well. The new IP has been posted on the forum but I’ll still mention it here: For those of you who might think that they might have lost their stats, nothing has changed except the IP (for you). You can play as regular in the server, you stats are still alive.

I also find it funny how people used to complain about the server going down but aren’t as interested in joining it now.

As far as the attacker is concerned, he has been reported to the related authorities and if found guilty, will be dealt with.

I would take this post to welcome all our members back and thank all the supporters who showed their constant support during our downtime on Facebook, Skype, Twitter etc. I also realised how important the Facebook page was and how it helped us inform our players about the downtime and keep them updated. Our Facebook page is: