Privacy Policy

SONA Gaming Privacy Policy

Date effective: 2018-05-25

We strive to be transparent about what we collect and what we do with the information we collect. This policy applies to our website(s) (, and all associated subdomains) and gameservers (, SA-MP).

What information we collect:

No personally idenifiable information is used to browse our site as a guest nor do we do any tracking beyond standard Google analytics. (which are anonymized)
The following data is collected upon successful registration of our website:
IP address – for abuse purposes
Email address – for abuse/contact purposes. We do not send any unsolicited email and you must opt in upon registration to receive any communications this way.
Password – This is used to authenticate you to the platform. We use industry best practices to store your password (bcrypt) in a secure fashion.

How your information is used and what we do with it

We do not sell or distribute ANY of your information to 3rd parties in any way. We may use your information internally for abuse purposes to determine if you are misusing our platform or services in ways that violate our policies. For example, if you are ban evading, we will cross-reference your data to existing information in our database to determine that.

Cookie policy

We may use cookies on our primary domain or subdomain to distinguish whether you are logged on or not. Cookies may be disabled at your preference if needed, we do not enforce the use of them, but you will not remain logged in between sessions.

Security measures we employ to protect your data/information

We use industry best practices/standards to protect your data from unauthorized access/loss/theft/unauthozied destruction. Our staff is kept up to date and made aware of all security/privacy policies and changes. We use full TLS/SSL with high cipher suites (TLS 1.2+) and encryption on all forms that accept personally identifiable information. Furthermore, all sensitive information (such as passwords) is stored using salted bcrypt which is widely considered the best hashing algorithm available today.

Regardless of any measures in place, we cannot 100% guarantee that your personal information cannot be viewed/access/used by other parties in the event of a security breach of failure. No system is 100% flawless. In the event of a breach, we will notify the appropriate authorities within 72 hours and take proper steps to notify the affected user(s) of said breach. Furthermore, our server uses various security mechanisms (such as firewalls) to prevent unauthorized access.

Emails we send

We send emails only if a user has opted into our service and confirmed they want to receive said emails. You may opt-out at any time by accessing the user control panel or emailing

Requesting or modifying your personal information

Any requests to review or change your personal information on our platform/service should be sent to